Piles are the basic component of construction work and in it is done in both the commercial as well as domestic construction. According to the importance and needs many types of pile work are done. But, basically it is categorized in the four broad major categories.

  • Steel piles
    In an array of construction projects, steel piles are used and this is because of its excellent strength and capacity to hold a large amount of weight. In general, if the piling work is done with steel material, fewer steel piles are needed in comparing to the piles constructed of the alternative materials and that is all because of the load bearing capacity of the steel piles. So, steel piles offers the economic advantages to any project as in total less piles are required, therefore reducing the use of material labor and time involved in the piles driving.
  • Concrete piles
    The concrete piling Sydney is sturdy, incredibly and it comes in a large range of sizes. To enhance the strength of these piles, the reinforced concrete bears the re-bar which moves through the pile. The concrete piles that are pre-stressed are great for the material that carries resistant against tension. It can be created and fixed at the job site, and thus it is also called as the “cast in situ” piling. This quality of concrete piles, reduce the requirement of transport of piles, which results in cost savings. However, this pile can also be built off-site as well and then drove by the place to have greater control of the final product.
  • Timber and wood piles
    Piles of wood are another excellent and popular option. In-order to prevent the insects, this pile is treated with a coating, this makes them resistance of the insects that get into the structure inside, and this increases the durability of the piles. Timber and wood pilings have the benefit that it is light in weight to be moved in comparing to steel piling. Being a renewable resource, wood also offers an ecological benefit that appeals best to some consumers and companies.
  • Composite piles
    This is the pile, which is made from a various types of materials. Different types of material are put together to create a resilient and a single pile. These piles are particularly good for marine applications, because of its durability against the aquatic conditions, which is tough. It posses strong ability of customization, and can be designed specifically to fit the requirements of particular project type. To know more about the features of these piles, the piling contractor is the right person.