One way to create a lasting impression is to get your brand or product image or letters etched on a base material. If you are planning a promotional campaign, why not create etched merchandise that can be handed out to clients or vendors and will create a lasting impression or a reminder of your products or brand?

Exploring different engraving possibilities

We often are unsure about etching effects and what kind of products we can have engraved. You can simply look up the product catalog of a professional engraver in order to understand the kind of works and finished products they offer. With modern laser etching technology, diverse materials like wood, plastic, steel and other kinds of metals can be engraved upon easily. Even ordinary glass etchings are easily done with modern metal machining tools. Usually metallic badges, glasses, bottles, key rings and other products can be engraved upon. Going through the product catalogs of professional engravers will give you an idea of different engraved promotional products you could explore.

Ease of ordering

If you think that etching works with cnc mold making take time, you are wrong again. It is easy to look up a product catalog and even order in a certain product with customized etchings or engravings. That makes it convenient, even if you wish to place bulk orders. Many engravers take on online orders and you can get the process started any time. Simply ask for a quote, be confident of the quality of the end products an engraving service offers and you are ready to order.

Getting engraved products at your doorstep

Whether you want products modeled and etched or simply want engraving done on ready products, you can place your orders and get them delivered within a week’s time. The exact timeline depends on the extent of workmanship required on your products and the number of products you need to get engravings done upon. The convenience of online engraving services not only includes orders placed online, but also the option to make a payment online and simply await deliveries done to your business or home address.

With etched promotional items, it can be a unique branding or marketing opportunity created for any business. Any etched product usually has a long term usage as compared to simply printed items. Hence, even if you spend a little more for etched promotional items, you will be offering items that are more exclusive and would remain with your customers or vendors for a long time. This in turn leads to greater brand visibility and association.