Home is where the heart is. So if your home is a mess, your heart and your mind can be a mess too. Cleaning your house daily can be bit of a difficult task especially with a job that keeps you working hard from nine to five. At the end of the day you just want to come and chill at home right? But if the house is all topsy turvy then there’s no space for chilling. So find out how you can easily keep your home nice and tidy.

Manage Your Laundry

Every house has that one special chair where all the laundry gets collected at one point. Nobody wants to be greeted by a chair covered in clean or unclean clothes, when they come home. Rummaging through your wardrobe searching for the perfect outfit during the morning hours won’t leave your house neat and tidy either. Managing your laundry properly is an essential part of house cleaning that isn’t that hard as you think at all. It takes such a little amount of time to put in a new load of laundry into the washer. Visit this link http://www.thehouseofclean.com.au/essendon/ for more info on house cleaning Essendon.

If you’re staying with family, make sure each member of the household is responsible for his or hers clothes so one person isn’t stuck with a load of work. If you don’t like doing it yourself, check a nearby dry cleaner that does laundry and ironing service at an affordable price.

Get Everyone Involved

…not just for laundry. Getting your family to take up different responsibilities will not only maximize the cleaning process but will also take a lot from your shoulders. Discuss with your family what they wish to do and organize a plan where certain tasks need to be carried out on certain days or times. For example, you could assign someone to take out the trash and someone else to do the vacuuming. If you’re cooking, make sure someone else is doing the washing. Sharing is caring after all.

Organize perfectly

You can seek the help of the Japanese on this one. The 5 S, is a method or organizing created by the Japanese in order to maximize effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace, but you can apply it for your house as well. The 5 S stands for “sort”, “set in order”, “shine”, “standardize”, and “sustain”. If you practice this method, you will need to first identify the purpose and nature of your household items and store them accordingly. Next step is to maintain this order by making sure to return these items to their proper place after using. Keeping to this method will ensure that avoid any clutter and take maximum use of your living space which will be result in your house being tidy and clean.