Sinking your feet after a hard day’s work into your warm, soft and fluffy carpets in your home is the desire of everyone. Very few of us get time to clean or get it cleaned regularly. There may be some very conscious homeowner who may be sending her carpets for a regular cleanup. Here are some things each house owner is expected to know regarding the cleaning of carpets.

Read Label Carefully

Most cleaning products for the carpet are not – toxic. You should make it a point to read the label carefully. This ascertains you that the cleaning product does not contain any substance that may leave a harmful toxic residue behind. Also, check if the product you wish to use on your carpet is compatible or else it may permanently damage the carpet. Hence, check the product before use on an inconspicuous corner. This is helpful even if you have pets and small kids at home.

Act Quickly

The moment something spills, act quickly. Ensure to use cold water and blot the stain using a clean cloth as the first step. If you notice it does not help, try some eco-friendly remover that is suitable for carpets. Read the instructions on the label so that you prevent your carpet from ruining.  Clean My Carpet provides commercial and residential carpet cleaning at very affordable rates. 

Employ Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are recommended for carpet cleaning in East Auckland as they make use of milder products, which means they are less toxic. Also, ascertain you do not use very hot water. It will permanently damage the carpet. You may dry the carpet to prevent the formation of mold.

Cleaning Types

• There are cleaning products containing Tetrachlorethylene, but this may affect pets or family members. However, the truth is that toxic chemicals are found in all spot removing products. Thus, if you are planning to use them, wear gloves. You may keep pets and little children away until your carpet is completely dried and properly vacuumed.

• Use lemon juice and salt solution to remove mildew and mold. You may also use special bleach that is free from chlorine for colored fabric. Make it a point to keep your carpet dry as it ensures avoiding mold and mildew formation.

• Invest in the good vacuum cleaner to get rid of soils lying on the carpet. Thus avoid chances of dirt building up and making the carpet look filthy. Regular vacuuming removes dust particles and allergens accumulating in the carpet.

Finally, if you wish your carpet to come for many more years and to look new, send it to a reputed company for cleaning. They have professional expertise, tools, and know-how to clean your carpet as well as to get rid of mold, spots, stains and unwanted dirt.